WaterGuard Classic

The WaterGuard protects floors from the elements, trapping dirt and moisture on contact. The 100% rubber backing provides maximum durability, while the needle-punched polypropylene fiber scrapes shoes of dirt and debris. Each ridge of the WaterGuard is reinforced with rubber, keeping the scraping tips rigid enough to withstand high traffic areas.

Offering 3 different styles: Classic, Brick and Diamond.

WaterGuard Classic

Maximum file size: 314.57MB


  • Other style choices include:  Classic Waffle, Spiral, Brick and our most popular Diamond Style
  • Choice of border:  Rubber or Fabric
  • Recommended as an indoor mat, but substitutes as an outdoor mat in warm to moderate climates
  • Carpet covered, rubber reinforced nibs scrape debris and pull moisture away from shoes
  • Dirt and water are trapped by polypropylene carpet ridges
  • 100% rubber backing for maximum durability
  • Simple to clean, just vacuum or hose off
  • Passes flammability standards DOCFFI-70
  • Includes a 2 year extended warranty on rubber border WaterGuard diamond products


*NOTE: Not recommended for use in areas exposed to grease or petroleum products