Recessed Well Matting

Recessed well matting is designed to be fitted into your floors which helps flush it correctly with the floor around it. This is perfect for businesses as this helps to prevent accidents. These floor mats also allow grime and wetness to pass through, so the floors are easier to clean. They also hide dirt and debris within their recesses to keep your floors looking clean. This is very important for businesses where entrances need to look clean all the time.

Whether you need something to fill in a recess or replace a worn-out floor mat, we can help you out. We carry a wide array of selection when it comes to inlaid matting. All of these mats are perfect for traffic-prone areas and can keep the floors clean and dry. We have them in different colors, sizes, materials, and thickness to suit your needs.

When choosing a recessed mat, make sure to choose one with highly effective cleaning action. It should be durable. If aesthetics and style are crucial to you, we have several options that you can choose from. If you have any questions, contact us today.