Our Super Cushion is our most popular anti-fatigue mat followed by Fatigue Fighter and Sof-Tred.

All matting comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against natural wear and tear.

Our best-selling mat is the WaterGuard or WaterHog. I am confident in recommending either of these mats for almost any entry. Because they work as both a boot-scraper and an absorbent mat, it does an excellent job of stopping water and dirt and keeping it in the mat and off the floors. It adds a cosmetic flare as well.

The main difference is weight. The WaterHog weighs more than the Water Guard, making it a longer lasting mat. It is also slightly thicker. The WaterGuard is less expensive than the Water Hog. The WaterHog and WaterGuard both are highly absorbent and great for entrances.

Nitrile rubber backing is the best. Nitrile rubber is grease and chemical resistant. It is also resistant to temperature changes. Mats with vinyl backing (such as cheaper products purchased at hardware stores) will eventually chip on the edges, curl or become brittle in cold weather. In some cases, vinyl-backed mats can also stain wood or carpet floors.

In most cases, no. Almost all the mats have approximate sizing that is generally an inch or two smaller than the listed foot measurement on each side. Many of the products tend to slightly shrink during the manufacturing process. Logo mats may vary +/- 2-5%.

We sure do! We list only our most popular products online. Let us know what your looking for and we can most likely meet any of your matting requests. We also have many additional sports theme paraphernalia.

Most of the standard mats will ship within 3-7 business days unless they are on back order. Exceptions to this are logo mats and custom sizes which can take 7-14 days to ship.

Most of our products ship directly from the manufacturers. We stock very few items at our business in Wisconsin.