Gripcote X

GripCote-X is a dark, semi-viscous solution designed to prevent slip, trip and fall accidents on industrial and commercial floor matting. GripCote-X provides both non-slip and waterproofing properties to prevent movement and hydroplaning effects with various mats. Dries to a black-brown color.

Gripcote X


General Information: GripCote-X is a long lasting solution for preventing slip, trip and fall accidents on industrial and commercial floor matting. It’s a dark, semi-vicious coating that’s applied to the underside of rubber and PVC-backed mats to keep them in place in high indoor traffic, as well as covered, outdoor commercial environments. GripCote-X dries to a smooth, black-brown color without transferring through the surface. Instead, it creates a flexible, somewhat tacky layer that adheres to any surface without moving or sliding.

The mat may be removed from the surface at any time without ever losing adhesion. This is perfect for cleaning and remodeling, since the flexible layer does not stain or leave residue behind on any surface. Unlike double-sided tapes and anti slip mats which don’t waterproof, GripCote-X waterproofs the coated layer and prevents floor mats from hydroplaning on wet surfaces. It also resists attracting dust, food and other contaminates. GripCote-X is an eco-friendly coating that is safe and easy to apply with no harmful fumes or odors.

Application: GripCote-X is easy to apply using a soft bristle or foam brush. Stir or shake the GripCote-X container well prior to use. The target surface should be free of dirt, debris and oil or grease, prior to application. The coating when wet has a brownish-blue appearance, applies easily and will dry to an almost black finish. For best results apply two coats; allow the first coat to dry partially before applying the second coat. Additional coats maybe applied for a more durable and ‘rubbery’ feel. Allow 24 hours or more for full cure before subjecting the article to heavy use. Do not apply at temperatures below 50°F. Avoid heavy buildup, puddling and repeated overlapping of GripCote.

Key Benefits:

  • Green, biodegradable solution (Low VOC’s, fumes, odors)
  • Prevents movement, slipping and curling in commercial and industrial matting
  • Provides waterproof barrier between mat and floor
  • Replacement for double-sided tapes and adhesives
  • Does not transfer or leave residue on substrate
  • Bonds with all surfaces (including carpet)
  • Prevents hydroplaning in wet conditions
  • Does not use plasticizers
  • Machine Washable”


Clean-Up: Appropriately mask off areas that need to be kept free of GripCote-X. Wipe off overruns, spills and splatters immediately with water. Thoroughly clean hands and tools after use with soap and warm water. Observe all personal precautions as you would with any other paint or coating product.

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