• Badger Super Cushion


    The Super Cushion Anti-Fatigue mat is by far our best seller and THE BEST ANTI-FATIGUE MAT ON THE PLANET!!  It has unbelievable durability along with being easy to clean, this mat is one of the most comfortable you will ever work on!  Stock sizes and the ability to make this mat any length up to 60' (3' or 4' wide) will help you fit this mat in any work space.

    Badger Mats new SuperCushion combines the best characteristics of our two most popular products: the superior durability of our dual-layer Fatigue Fighter II and the comfort & resilience in our vinyl-nitrile ComforTred. Badger Mats has engineered a two-layer mat featuring a durable vinyl-nitrile surface polymerically bonded to a resilient vinyl-nitrile foam cushion using our exclusive adhesive free UniBondĀ® manufacturing process. Adding nitrile to the Supercushion not only creates a more durable wear layer, but it also makes the surface slip-resistant in both wet and dry conditions.

    ***This mat can be made to any size 3' or 4' wide up to 60' in length.  If you need a special length, contact us and we will get it ordered for you.  All special lengths will come beveled on all 4 sides as well.***

    Primary Uses:


    Nursing Stations

    Grocery Store Registers

    Hotel Check-In Counters

    Pharmaceutical Counters

    Retail Check-Out Counters

    Customer Service Counters

    Industrial Applications