• Fundraiser Logo Mat

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    $700.00 is the price for a minimum order of 50-2' x 3' mats. $1050.00 is the minimum order for 50-3' x 4' mats. 

    The Fundraiser Logo Mat is a great product to show your school spirit at home or in the office.  This mat gives your organization a fun and new product to sell other than the same items we see over and over again.  You can email us your Logo and we will promptly get a proof back to you for your review.  We have two sizes: 2' x 3' (21.5" x 32.5) and 3' x 4' (32.5" x 43.5). 

    Resale these mats for $25.00 (2x3) $39.00 (3x4)

    This mat is made of 100% Printed Nylon and has a Non-Skid 100% recycled vinyl backing.  With its serged edges, it has a clean finish as well as added strength.