Chic Comfort


Product Description

Standing for extended periods of time can have unfortunate health consequences; varicose veins, compressed joints, and overall fatigue. Specially designed mats, such as this one, have been at the forefront of the battle to prevent health loss, and have been shown to significantly reduce such complications. Chic Comfort mats are designed to offer this functionality while retaining a stylish decor. The solid PVC material top is resistant to stains, and the spongy base provides enough give to make standing easier. All sides are beveled to reduce risk of tripping, and the exterior is easily wiped down or swept.

Product Features
  • Chic Comfort 18x48 Mat
  • Stylish design; looks good
  • Minimizes discomfort when standing
  • Beveled edges prevent tripping
  • Sweep or wipe clean

  • 18" L x 48" W x 1/2" H